Who does Pilates help?


Pilates is for Everyone

Professional & Elite athletes find Pilates gives them the edge they need to be a champion. Athletes come to:
- improve performance
- a better golf swing
- stronger back hand
- more efficient swim stroke

Dancers come for better performance:
- restorative
- maintain strength
- prevent injury
- rehabilitation from injury
- conditioning for longer career

Back Pain is a major reason:
- develops core strength
- sit, stand and move better
Pilates leads to a pain free life.

Rehabilitation from an injury or surgery Clients prefer Pilates as they get a whole body workout. Dr. Pearson-Nunez consults with clients Physicians and Physical Therapist to be sure to put together the most beneficial program.

Prevention: People who do Pilates want to live a long and healthy life. By addressing core strength early in life they are less likely to be injured in the later years.