Skype Consultation

For those seeking guidance, wisdom, understanding, and healing.

Personal Consultation, Intuitive Reading, and Healing Session

Sessions begin with initial consultation to clarify your issue or concern. Dr. Pearson will share insight and provide tools to reconnect with your inner wisdom. The session will conclude with Reiki Qigong Distant Healing. Sessions available in-person, Skype or phone.

Practice Consultation

Are you a Reiki Practitioner interested in deepening your understanding of personal practice and community/business practices? Study in customized sessions with Dr. Pearson; i.e. Functional Anatomy/Ideokinesis, Musculoskeletal, Qigong Self-Healing, Chakras, 5 Elements...

  • Email Consultation - $35
  • 30min Skype/Phone Consultation - $50
  • (4)20min Sykpe/Phone Consultation - $140
  • 60min Skype/Phone Consultation - $85

Confirm your Session  with Online Payment . To schedule contact:

Email/Skype/Phone Consultation

Personal FREE Skype account required for Skype consultation. Click here to setup, check audio, and video before session.