Pilates Teacher Training

Learn the Theory and Practice of Pilates

Pilates Teacher Training with Dr. Freddie Pearson-Nunez is guided by a focus on holistic development and conditioning of the body, mind and spirit through movement. We take the time to show instructor candidates not just what to teach, but how to teach. We focus time and attention on each individual instructor’s journey and style. The comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training blends the best elements of the classic, therapeutic and contemporary Pilates theory, a unique signature approach that blends traditions from the east and west. Whether you are planning a career change or want to deepen your Pilates practice, teacher training is by far the best way to expand your knowledge and transform your life.

Pilates education begins with a deep understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, posture, and basic bio-mechanics.


Prerequisites: 2 years Pilates or related movement experience. Minimum of 30 total hours of Pilates instruction on the equipment including a minimum of 20 hours of private sessions.

Audition is the first step, and at that time your instructor will recommend the best course of action depending on your movement ability.  Dr. Pearson-Nunez reserves the right to require more than the minimum hours to ensure each student is prepared for the rigor of the Teacher Training program.  Email Freddie to audition: freddie@freddiepearsonpilates.com

Comprehensive Certification Requirements: 506 Total Hours:102 hours lecture demonstration with Dr. Pearson-Nunez (10 modules), 104 Self-practice hours, 200 total teaching hours (100 Student Training Hours, 100 Apprentice Hours), 100 observation hours.

To get certified by one Module at a time:

Functional Anatomy: 6 hours of Anatomy; must do readings and quizzes prior to this module.

Mat: 24 Lecture & Training hours with Dr. Pearson-Nunez, 25 hours Self-Practice, 25 hours Teaching, 25 hours Observation

Reformer: 36 Lecture & Training hours with Dr. Pearson-Nunez, 36 hours Self-Practice, 36 hours Teaching, 36 hours Observation

Springboard: 12 Lecture & Training hours with Dr. Pearson-Nunez, 12 hours Self-Practice, 12 hours Teaching, 12 hours Observation

Trap Table: 6 Lecture & Training hours with Dr. Pearson-Nunez, 6 hours Self-Practice, 6 hours Teaching, 6  hours Observation, plus all requirements of the Springboard Module.

Chair: 12 Lecture & Training hours with Dr. Pearson-Nunez, 12 hours Self-Practice, 12 hours Teaching, 12 hours Observation

Arc, Barrels: 6 Lecture & Training hours with Dr. Pearson-Nunez, 6 hours Self-Practice, 6 hours Teaching, 6 hours Observation

Self practice: Students are required to complete self-practice sessions to reinforce the material being presented and to perfect their technique. 100 Self Practice Hours required.

Teaching: A critically important aspect of the program is learning how to be a safe, effective, inspiring teacher.

Student Teaching Hours: While students are honing their skills they will see clients at a drastically reduced rate (just enough to cover studio costs). These hours are unpaid and based on studio availability. 100 Student Hours required.

Group Class Assistant Hours: Available only to those participating in the Full Certification Program, students will assist experienced trainers with their group classes. Students will learn important skills, gain confidence and become integrated into the studio.

Apprentice Teacher Hours: After completing the Student Teaching hours, students can audition to become an Apprentice Teacher at a local studio based on their availability, or any fully equipped Pilates studio. These additional hours are an important part of transitioning from a student to an experienced professional. 100 Apprentice Hours required.

Required Materials:  Ellie Herman’s Professional Manuals, Pilates Props Workbook, Anatomy of Movement, Muscles: Testing and Function. All books can be purchased on Amazon.



Private Pilates Certification: This option is perfect for anyone who travels from abroad and needs to do their training at a specific time or anyone who can’t fit the module schedule into their own. Also, if you want to join the group training, but have missed the earlier modules, you can make up one or all the module privately. This option is a bit more pricey, but depending on your level and your abilities, is not always cost prohibitive. Email freddie@freddiepearsonpilates.com to figure out a plan of action.

$90/HOUR  With Dr. Freddie Pearson-Nunez

Email: freddie@freddiepearsonpilates.com to figure out a plan of action.


Mat I: (10 hours) $900

Mat II: (10 hours) $900

Reformer I: (10 hours) $900

Reformer II: (10 hours) $900

Reformer III: (10 hours) $900

Wunda Chair: (10 hours) $900

Springboard: (10 hours) $900

Cadillac: (5 hours) $450

Arc/Ladder/Barrel: (5 hours) $450

*Pearson Pilates & Bodywork reserves the right to require more hours of training

if the student is not able to comprehend the material in the hours listed