Pilates Breathing

Pilates Lateral Breathing
It is important to understand the breath of Pilates. I can still hear Pilates Elder Kathy Grant remind us as students to breathe.  Yoga breathing is not Pilates breathing. Pilates breathing is not yoga breathing. Pilates breathing is not the only breathing, but merely a way of breathing.

When used properly in functional conditioned movement patterns, we provide space to allow the respiratory system to support the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body. Joseph Pilates emphasized ousting the air so that you may inhale fresh clean oxygen that support optimal mind-body health. This can be for conditioning for daily living or for your next marathon.


1. Inhale fill the lower abdomen and allow the ribs to expand sideways.

2. Exhale draw the low abdominals in as you lift the pelvic floor. (3 magnets - perineum, belly button, and on spine at lower waisted line.) Let the ribs soften releasing back in toward the spine.

3. Continue to draw the lower abdominal muscles into their scooped position and oust as much air from the longs as you can.

4. Without releasing lower abdominal and pelvic floor lift, inhale into all the inner spaces of the ribcage. Allowing the the ribs to expand literally but also fill up the  back space.

5. Exhale draw the lower abdominal muscles in. Now don't grip, but try to renew the engagement of the muscles. Oust the air to create space for a fresh supply of oxygen.

Continue for a moment through steps 4 & 5. Then release abdominal engagement and return to normal breathing.

Now it does not benefit us to grip in the abdominals as it restricts the breath. So our breathing is to be coordinated to support our actions.

Understand and condition your breathing in a private session focused on Breathing Coordination.