Functional Anatomy I

35hr Intro to Functional Anatomy & The Breath: Imagery and Visualizations

Study through interactive classroom material your functional anatomy with embodied laboratories to transform 1-Dimensional text to your bodied experience of your inner workings of bones, joints, connective tissues, major muscles groups and prime movers, respiratory and cardiovascular system, breath, and Mind/Power to maintain not just physical health, but holistic health and wellness. Find the connective link between your thoughts and how they affect/effect your life, health and longevity.

This class is perfect for Performing Artist, Personal Trainers, and Bodyworkers to have an embodied experience through movement, and the use of your Mind/Power for authentic presence. Also great for individuals interested in just learning more about their functional body and how to live more fully in it.


Dynamic Alignment through Imagery, 2012, 2nd Edition – Eric Franklin
The Anatomy Coloring Book, 2014, 4th Edition – Wynn Kapit and Lawrence M. Elson

$850 (Deposit $200 RSVP)