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A Ministry of Holistic Health & Wellness

Our studio strives to offer a warm, safe environment to heal and strengthen.

We welcome all human bodies.


“Change Happens Through Movement, Movement Heals.” – Joseph Pilates

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” – Joseph Pilates

“Working with Freddie has had a profound effect on my overall well-being. His knowledge and ability to pinpoint exactly what my body needs are uncanny. He can take me anywhere from pushing my strength limits, to releasing tight muscles, to spiritual and energetic healing with flow and ease. I highly recommend and appreciate his work.”

– Syhaya Aviel

Our time together is more than just a workout, it is a time of Sacred Self-Care. Tailored for you with one-on-one guidance, at the moment that will help you advance on your holistic health and wellness journey! Dr. Nunez offers Integrative + Complementary + Alternative disciplinary practices of the East and West the have shown evidence and experience scientifically, benefits to their practitioners considering the execution of technical/practical approaches, considering contraindicative knowledge available to ensure progress along the way. It’s Amazing the Options we have to Come Home to Ourselves, Care for Ourselves, especially in times like these. ….that was a mouthful…

Sacred Self-Care works best when you make a commitment to it. After our introductory session, I offer my services in packages of 10 or more and ask for a three-month commitment. By scheduling regular Sacred Self-Care sessions one to three times per week, we can go deeper into your interests and needs over time. I’m also happy to support your practice via text and email between sessions, too.


Private Yoga

Yoga is for your mind and heart, not just your body. Together we develop/deepen your Personal Yoga Practice. Personalized Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Adaptive/Chair.

Contrology: Return To Heath

The Pilates method seeks to increase the strength, flexibility, and control of the body. Done on the Mat and Apparatus originally developed by Joseph & Clara Pilates. TRAIN & CERTIFY

Chinese Qigong

Chinese Qigong is a 3,000-year-old, mind/body system of gentle, balanced movement, breath regulation, and concentration/imagination practices that complement modern, Western medicine. LEARN & PRACTICE

Reiki Qi Healing

Universal Life Energy is the energy that supports all life termed many different things in different cultures and traditions. Reiki we can tap into that source for health, healing, and strength.

Sound Energy Balance

Let’s assess your current state of the vibrations of your body’s main energy centers, discovering info they provide for the journey and use tools of sound, breath, and movement to bring more balance and vitality.


KEEP IT SIMPLE or ritualize it. Just do it. Let’s explore tools of connection that work for you, where you are.

Do I Need To Take Private Sessions?

If you’re a beginner, definitely. If you’re a pro, well you should take private sessions too! Private sessions fast-track you to achieving your goals as a Pilates student. In our private sessions, we work with you to structure a Pilates & Integrative Bodywork program based on your posture, needs, and goals, even if you intend to continue your practice exclusively in classes. The one-on-one attention from our expert trainers will help you better understand the Pilates repertoire and give you the tools you need to get the most out of every hour of Pilates, whether in a class or private setting. Think of private sessions like a booster pack: It’s worth the investment! LEARN TO TEACH & GET CERTIFIED TO TEACH PILATES WITH DR. NUNEZ.


“Completing Freddie’s Embodied Anatomy Workshop was such an invaluable springboard into my certification training to be a Pilates Instructor. Not coming from a dance or movement background, I was a complete novice to a lot of the structures (bones, muscles, fascia) of the body. Freddie is a patient, adaptable and thorough teacher who very much cares that you understand what you are learning and feel confident translating that information into your practice/teaching. A great class, do it!”

– Tiffany May, Certified Pilates Trainer

“Freddie is one of the best teachers I’ve had of any kind. Miraculously, on Zoom, Freddie brings the same positive energy, clarity, focus and that he does in person. Online and off, he makes precise adjustments—which you can’t believe he can see—that have changed for the better the way I run, walk, and even breathe. Also, he meets you precisely where you are, and tailors your sessions to your individual needs—you tell him how you’re feeling and he sees the way you’re holding your body, and seems to determine a plan from there. Freddie has helped me heal from a torn calf muscle, taught me straight pilates, and might draw on chi gong and/or various meditation traditions to help you feel better in your body. Working with Freddie you feel yourself in the hands of a master of his craft, and rarer still, a master teacher.” – Lexy

“Freddie’s Embodied Anatomy Workshop is a perfect fusion of anatomy and in-depth awareness of our own anatomy through actually experiencing our body systems(bones, muscles, fascia, etc.) through movement and imaging. I loved it. This should be a mandatory class for all fitness professionals.”

– Jeanie Clay