Thai Yoga Bodywork is one of the best therapeutic massage/bodywork treatments available for chronic pain and sports injuries.  It is also an amazing treatment if you're experiencing lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain, arthritis, limited mobility or chronic pain. It is an outstanding way to […]

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Within our first session typically we go through the InTake process to evaluate where you are, strengths, weaknesses, and from there develop a plan to help you meet your holistic health, wellness, and fitness goals. Pilates although it is not a one size fit all type of system, the exercises […]

Pilates Fundamentals

Pilates Lateral Breathing It is important to understand the breath of Pilates. I can still hear Pilates Elder Kathy Grant remind us as students to breathe.  Yoga breathing is not Pilates breathing. Pilates breathing is not yoga breathing. Pilates breathing is not the only breathing, but merely a way of […]

Pilates Breathing

Pilates is for Everyone Professional & Elite athletes find Pilates gives them the edge they need to be a champion. Athletes come to: - improve performance - a better golf swing - stronger back hand - more efficient swim stroke Dancers come for better performance: - restorative - maintain strength […]

Who does Pilates help?